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Background on Nellis solar power system:

  • The Nellis solar power system, completed in December of 2007, is America’s largest solar photovoltaic array.
  • The plant will generate more than 30 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean electricity annually and supply approximately 25% of the total power used at the base, where 12,000 people live and work.
  • The system covers 140 acres of land at Nellis AFB, 33 acres of which are a capped landfill which has been reused for this “green” energy project. The array is made from over 72,000 solar panels which track the sun to maximize the solar renewable energy we can receive.
  • It will reduce carbon emissions by 24,000 tons annually.
  • Using a “first-of-its-kind” public/private partnership, this project (which cost over $100M to construct) cost the AF less than $100,000 in capital costs, yet saved Nellis over $1.2M in its first year of operation.
  • The Nellis solar power system is joint venture between the U.S. Air Force; Renewable Ventures; SunPower Corporation; and N.V. Energy.
  • It took over 200 workers to build the array.

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