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Businesses and governments around the world are choosing solar. Why? It's reliable, predictable, and makes economic sense. At GreenTech, we understand that all operations are different. We've recognized key sectors that have a lot to gain by implementing solar power and helped make the process easier:

  • Commercial Solar Solutions
    GreenTech offers business owners an opportunity to take advantage of unused roofspace or neighboring land to install solar.  Businesses experience the double benefit of government tax incentives and positive PR.
  • Government & Non-Profit
    Many times solar fits well with the mission and goals of non-profits & local governments. These entities, though, oftentimes have trouble with initial funding for PV systems. Green-Tech helps these institutions develop custom solutions to meet their sustainability goals.
  • Solar Field Development
    In an effort to make solar electricity accessible to more people, we have developed innovate models that bring large-scale solar power to individuals & businesses. Seagrove Solar Field is a shining example of our work.
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