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Solar Power

The Sun

Energy from the sun is reliable, predictable, and free! Enough energy from the Sun strikes Earth's surface every hour to power human energy activities for over a year! The Sun lies at the center of our solar system.  It is composed of hydrogen and helium, which create energy by nuclear fusion.  Sunlight supports almost all life on earth (by photosynthesis) and controls climate & weather.

The Sun's Power

Ever hour enough solar energy strikes Earth to power human activities for over a year.

Solar Electricity

How it Works

When light hits your PV panels, energy is transfered to electrons in the carefully engineered materials. When these electrons move they create an electrical current. The current is converted to useful electricity in the DC to AC inverter. The energy can now be used in your house or sent back to the electric grid.Solar Basics

System Components:

  • PV Solar Electric Panels
  • Electrical Disconnects
  • DC to AC Converter
  • Electrical Meter
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Misc. Wires & Electrical Components.

Green Power

Emission-free, clean, reliable electricity:

That means you can rest assured future generations will benefit from a cleaner environment, better health, and less dependence of foreign fuels.

Clean Energy for a Green Future